Riva Yamaha FX SVHO Stage 1 Kit

Riva Yamaha FX SVHO Stage 1 Kit

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This kit delivers a maximum level of performance (+5mph) through easy to install, electronic, air intake, exhaust, and pump enhancements. No Internal engine modifications are required.

RIVA TESTED: 72-73 MPH @ 7,700 RPM

RIVA Yamaha FX SVHO & 2018-12 FX SHO Power Filter Kit RY13070
RIVA Free Flow Exhaust Kit, 2012+ FX models RY16070
RIVA Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit, SVHO, Stage 1/Stock RY10080-ECUK-I
RIVA Yamaha Pump Seal Kit, For RY22070, FX 2018-12 RY25070
RIVA Yamaha FX SVHO & FX SHO/HO 2018-12 Top-Loader Intake Grate RY22070
Solas Yamaha 160mm Concord 13/20 Impeller YV-CD-13/20

  • RIVA Performance Power Filter Kit replaces restrictive factory intake system delivering improved throttle response and top-speed.
  • RIVA Free Flow Exhaust Kit replaces restrictive sound suppression system located between water box and hull exit reducing backpressure and engine operating temperatures.
  • RIVA Stage 1 Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit improves water flow to Yamaha SVHO engine and intercooler for improved performance & reliability. Greatly reduces loss of power due to "heat fade" on stock and Stage 1 modified craft.
  • RIVA Pump Seal Kit with location specific molded inserts are siliconed in to the voids of the OE transom plate and RIVA Top-Loader Intake Grate significantly reducing cavitation.
  • RIVA Top-Loader Intake Grate will greatly reduce prop spin and cavitation found with the stock grate, along with the modified FX's tendency to drop on its nose when the throttle is let off at high speeds.
  • Solas Concord Impeller with a new design incorporates a large blade area and superior hub design that deliver increased acceleration and top speed. Billet nose cone included.

NOTE: RIVA Performance Kits intended for competition use only.