Hit from the side so hard your front and back seat pops off? No problem. Rubbing rails down the front straight causing the other racer to being pitched and being an inch away from coming off yourself? It's nothing. Described as "the roughest conditions I've seen" and "the most stacked race line-up in years" by many? Just another day on the water for Chris MacClugage.

At least that's the way Chris makes it look. 

The beginning of the 2017 P1 AquaX season had more storylines than TMZ covering a Taylor Swift break-up; multi-time World Champ Nicholas Rius coming out of retirement to join the P1 AquaX series, 2016 P1 AquaX Pro Runner-Up Eric 'The Eagle' Francis switching to a Yamaha after being on a Kawasaki for a decade+, Brian Baldwin announcing his last minute comeback going independent, rumors of Dustin Farthing giving P1 AquaX another shot. 

Chris MacClugage was undeterred from it all as he picked right back-up where he left off last season, as he swept every moto of Pro Enduro in classic Macc Attack fashion. The Broward Motorsports racer, sponsored by Dean's Team Racing and Worx Racing, has a jump on the 2017 season and continues to climb up the World Rankings.

Speaking of World Rankings, your current #1 ranked racer in the world Aero Aswar looked stronger every moto as he adjusted to the new Yamaha GP1800. Aero, also a Broward Motorsports/Dean's Team Racing/Worx Racing rider, finished 3rd overall behind Eric Francis on his first race on the new Yamaha GP1800. Erminio Iantosca's hard work in the offseason paid off as he was the only non-Yamaha rider in the top 10, finishing 4th overall including a top 3 finish in moto 1.

Dean's Team Racing also had Mike Klippenstein and Marcus Jorgensen finish 6th and 7th, respectively, for the opening round. Aqsa Aswar and Abdullah Al-Fadhel had their top 10 hopes dashed by injuries that prevented them from finishing motos. 

The Amateur 300 Class featured 28 entries, a considerable jump from the number of racers in any Amateur race last season. Carlito Del Valle, famous for his 110+ mph world-record breaking drag race watercrafts, proved he could do a lot more than go fast in a straight line. The CRT Racing founder won his first overall in the highly competitive and rapidly growing Amateur 300 Class. Carlito, on a Yamaha FX SVHO with some help from Dean's Team Racing, won two of the three motos and looks like a strong contender to win the Amateur title this season.

Cody Tetreault of Broward Motorsports, and also on a Dean's Team Racing assisted Yamaha FX, finished 2nd overall in the Amateur 300 class and puts himself in position for a battle for the championship with Carlito. Cody, who finished 3rd overall in the Amateur class last year, also made the switch from a Sea-Doo to the Yamaha this season.
The racers get a bit of a break until racing action returns on June 17th in St. Petersburg Beach, FL. Visit the official P1AquaX site for more information. 

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